Pure passion is what I have for sweet treats & I know exactly why. It’s simply for that look on a person’s face of goodness, enjoyment, happiness, bliss.  That person might be my best buddy or a complete stranger…yes I have given strangers cupcakes; I call it “Random Acts of Cupcake Kindness”.  It’s honestly the best way I know how to brighten a day, if only for one minute.  It may be a smile, a “Thank you”, even a “Really Kayla, I can feel my arteries clogging” (as in girl this is too over the top!..too sweet, too rich, too gosh darn buttery).  But what can I say? Sorry? Hell no.

My favorite area of baking is cheesecake and cupcakes. I usually don’t branch out much from the word cake (unless you ask me too?).  Recently, I’ve found joy when baking bars and brownies for others.  This is because, again, you can make so many different kinds! Thank you Pinterest 😉

I am incredibly blessed in all areas of my life and that is all thanks to God.  There are four F’s that get me up in the morning: faith, family, friends, & food!  I am a full-time student at North Dakota State University & extremely proud to be a Bison.

Every weekday for two and a half years I got to be surrounded by some great people for at least a couple of hours.  They are my classmates yet, so much more than that.  I consider each of them a friend and we help each other out so much.  I tend to think there is something extra special about the way we get along so well and can tease each other.  I would be lost without them!   And they, along with a teacher or two, are my guinea pigs when it comes to all things cupcake.  This spring many of those dear friends found themselves student teaching and graduating.  Time goes even faster when you’re enjoying it with such great people I have found.  Good thing I have their addresses so they won’t be too shocked when a sweet treat arrives at their doorstep every now and again 🙂

That’s it. That’s me. If I didn’t share the love I wouldn’t enjoy what I do.

I would also like to include, stress actually, I am one of those people who will bend over backwards to ensure you love what you’re getting.  Contact me with any questions if you want to order something & it isn’t included on the menu.  I want to make you happy and find challenges fun…so please, for the love of God, challenge me!

Thanks for looking. Come back often. I LOVE to bake & SHARE what I do.

So come on, let go, stop counting the calories, submit, & INDULGE already!


Kayla Rae


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kathy says:

    I have tried your cheesecakes and cupcakes. They were both delicious. I am placing another order.

  2. Alison says:

    I had just tried your AMAZING cupcakes at TEDx and soon found your website. I was wondering if you have a store or do you only take orders? I can’t wait to have more cupcakes!

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